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Default Re: David S. Goyer IS the Script Writer! - Part 2


In the top 12 cast members
- TA has 3 women, MoS has 4 women;
- TA has 1 black actor, MoS has 2 black actors;
- TA has 1 actor not born in Canada/USA/UK/Australia, MoS has 2 actors not born in Canada/USA/UK/Australia, both of which are more prominent;
- TA has 3 actors older than 50, MoS has 4 actors older than 50;

TA, in this regard, was surprising, as I've come to expect better of Whedon. If you're a Joss Whedon fan, then TA can easily be regarded as him selling out to the man. It falls so short of the standards he achieved in Buffy, Firefly, and Dollhouse.

I hope that the Justice League is better in this regard. I expect Avengers 2 to be better. We'll see.

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