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Default Re: David S. Goyer IS the Script Writer! - Part 2

Originally Posted by DA_Champion View Post
Every movie and every major production of any kind produced in a racist society will inevitably be contaminated by racism, sociology 201, maybe sociology 301. I don't think we should be immature about it, we should be open to discussing it and exploring it without getting defensive, as you are.

The fact that Krypton has no minorities is probably a plus, regardless of whether they intended it that way. It makes sense that a genetically engineered society, that believes itself to be "perfected", would have less genetic diversity. In contrast, the genetic diversity we have on EArth is precisely because of evolution, people with ancestries that are geographically distinct will appear different, as different geographies select for different traits, in addition to the genetic drift effect.

It also makes sense when constructing a foreign society to have a consistent look. In Troy, all of the Greek characters are Germanic/Wasp-looking, and the Trojans look southern european. In Star Trek, Klingons are always played by Black actors, and you never see an east-asian Vulcan. Why do you think that is? It makes sense to have a consistent look for a foreign culture, particularly one with a genetic belief system like Krypton's, and that includes reduced racial diversity. With that said, though Krypton is genetically homogeneous within the movie, Ayelet Zurer and Antje Traue are foreign actors in real life, Snyder had the courage to hire them, Whedon did not.

Your comment about different kinds of whiteness is flat out incorrect. I'm a minority, it matters very much. There are in fact different kinds of whiteness, and that applies to every other race. Italian, Greek, Scandinavian, etc are all different and located at different heights of the inequality ladder. There are also different kinds of black and different kinds of Asian. In the US, forms often ask if a person is "white, asian, hispanic, or black" because those are the only four choices. That's incorrect, there's in fact a significant difference and gradation levels within those artificial and fake groupings. Look up the list of America's white presidents. They're not just white. They're wasps.

MoS is more racially diverse than TA based on its cast. You don't have to agree that MoS is a better movie (lol). But in this one particular and important metric, MoS does a lot better. Here are the cast lists:

As for the military, MoS played a relatively complex role. The leadership was shown as having mixed feelings to Superman, though the rank and file grew to like him. The movie ends with Superman crashing a predator drone. That's not an American military agenda. This is a stark contrast to the Avengers, who are military assets and all have explicit ties to the US military except for Thor, who leads the military on Asgard. In general though the military and government in the MCU is totally lacking in complexity. It's shallower than we find in any of MoS, the Nolan films, or the X-Men movies, which is ironic.
I am not getting defensive as I am not personally invested in neither franchise, what I do see is an unfair examination of the Avengers movie to highlight just how A ok MOS was. You talk about a lack of diversity on krypton and genetical engineering but this couldn't always have been the case so what happened to other ethnicities? Or will you state that the Caucasian ethnicity proved to be superior hence other ethnicities died out on krypton due to not cutting it in superiority? To me just sounds like a flimsy excuse on how you can try and excuse MOS from any white washing accusations. In Thor we had a black Norse God something unheard of and very controversial but hey Marvel and that white washing right.

You might be a minority with a more open view on things but I have found most minorities don't tend to focus on what country Caucasians come from and just see a white guy or white girl and vice versa. No one distinguishes if someone is from Germany or America or Jamaica or Africa when in a movie they just see a white person or a black person and the only thing that gives it away is an accent.

And you missed my point completely in regards to military agenda in MOS and it's promotion. You try and talk about how Avengers tried to highlight how great and powerful the US army is but MOS also did the same with it's soldier of fortune ads and the likes. Not that there is nothing wrong with that but like I said don't call one out and not the other. Personally I think this discussion is silly and like someone already stated your overreaching. You probably won't drop this as you seem like someone that likes to have the last word so I expect a rebuttal.

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