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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by theLegend View Post
Totally accurate from my perspective.

A neurotic, obsessive, suicidal, crazy man who fights crime at night dressed in the dark visage of a Bat ... and is fractured emotionally, essentially still an 8 year old in essence who never grew up ... seeking a father figure himself

In turn being that disturbed man yet supposedly is being a father figure to a young boy makes ZERO sense. As does the threatning image of a all black Bat fighting crime, with a colorful red and green CHILD makes zero sense as well.

As does the entire concept of introducing a CHILD into being a vigilante. Real heroic endeavour right there, Batman. If anything you should be steering him away from that life. Making something better and more productive out of it. It's Bruce Wayne's curse cause he's crazy. He shouldn't want it for anyone else.

Not to mention in the classic sense, the oddly disturbing homosexual or pedophile like undertones or potential jokes.

I prefer the more dark idea of one broken and disturbed man's self expected one man war on crime.
You notice how you can kinda tell you're wrong when four people immediately pop up to disagree with you?

In any case, your infantile opinion isn't what I was referring to as being inaccurate, it was you saying its a fact Burton had no interest in using Robin. He actually did - going as far as actually casting a Wayans brother for the role.

I believe he even received some form of payment too - despite being cut from the film. And, I believe, that cut was made largely due simply to time amd plotting constrains, considering Batman Returns was already featuring multiple subplots featuring Batman, Catwoman, and Penguin.

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