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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by GothamAlleys View Post
Is that so? I must admit I never knew that, whats the source for this information?
I'm surprised considering that you do a lot of Batman research. It's been cited many places but I could pin point one specific reference. I was actually re-reading all of the Tim Drake becomes Robin stuff by Alan Grant recently in light of the Scott Lobdell/Red Robin controversy and came across an old reference to the costume's origin.

It was in the letter pages of Batman #463 which came out in April of 1991. Unfortunately I don't have a scanner & my digital camera recently took an unfortunate dive in a pool but since I type pretty fast I'll just retype the letter and response verbatim

Hey, Denny

BATMAN #457 was excellent. Alan did a great job both on and with the Scarecrow. And I was quite impressed with his treatment of Tim Drake. His progression from young adult to young crimefighter has been handled extremely well by everyone involved with the project so far, and I have complete faith that things will remain at this current level of quality.

And the new costume looks great. I just hope there's some Kevlar in it somewhere. Who came up with the design? Later.

- Uncle Elvis

Don't worry, Unc - there's plenty of Kevlar in it, not to mention "fluid damped impact attenuation pads"! I'm not sure what it means, but it sounds impressive.

Tim Burton was a consultant in the selection of the costume, but the design was created by none other than Neal Adams.

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