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Default How will Clark being found by the Kents be handled?

I saw 'The Odd Life of Timothy Green' today (which was great, btw, but it might be adoptee bias there) and it got me wondering...

If MOS takes a realistic approach, how could Superman's origin be told realistically?

A couple finds a baby abandoned in a space ship, take him in, have him as their son and no one asks about birth certificates or records or anything?

TOLOTM really brought to mind in Timothy meeting the family that everyone would be, "how did you get this boy overnight?!"

SMALLVILLE (yeah, I know some Superman fans don't like it) did this well with saying Jonathan got help from Lionel Luthor in forging the documents. That's believable that someone with his level of power and wealth could do that.

But, here we don't have that causing one to question...

How do you think they'd ground this aspect of it or not bring it up?

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