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Default Re: Mary Jane Watson Cast, New Villain Rumor for Sequel - Part 1

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
I already feel that way with Sony on Venom and Lizard, which if you remember, are two of my favorite Spidey villains.
Yeah I remember that!

I understand that, but at the same time: with Lizard there are still alot of stuff left untouched. They haven't touched on his more beastly side, so Lizard in a future movie wouldn't be hurt from this portrayal in ASM.

As for Venom, that's a bit worse because you'll have to go through the whole symbiote story again. But even in this case, I don't think people would mind that as much in a future trilogy.

In this case with Green Goblin, let's say the death of Gwen itself is very comic accurate: the bridge, the build up to it, Peter's reactions and emotions, Emma Stone looks like a copy of 616 Gwen...all of that. But Green Goblin has physically transformed, so it's still not there. That thing ruins it, the film adaption of the Death of Gwen Stacy can't be perfect because of it.

Because of how specific that scene is, future movie adaptions can't "perfect" it because then they would make everything the same except have Green Goblin be comic accurate as well. People would complain like hell. The studio would therefore avoid that by either not adapt it at all, or make alterations to it. Therefore, it STILL can't be perfectly adapted.

That's pretty much the problem I had with SM1. The origin itself of Spidey is pretty much perfect if you ask me. But the film itself had lots of other problems, especially when it comes to the main characters. It's just so damn annoying to have things that are perfect in a film that (IMO) is very flawed. I want to see the wrestling part of his origin, the more direct irresponsible act by Peter, etc. but with the tone, characters, director, suit, etc. from Webb's Spider-Man. I'd rather have a film that's completely flawed that doesn't take away opportunities from future attempts to make the perfect Spidey film, than a film that totally nails some stuff and feels like a blasphemy when it comes to other things.

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