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Th Eek I met Bruce Greenwood last night! (Batman news, sort of)

Yes, THAT Bruce Greenwood, voice of Batman in Under the Red Hood and Young Justice... You also know him from Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness (Christopher Pike), as well as Double Jeopardy and Thirteen Days.

Anyway, he stars in Stephen King's musical, Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, and he was in Ohio on tour. I saw him randomly taking pictures of buildings in Downtown Akron, and I was BLOWN AWAY that I just happened to walk right up to him by accident.

So, the FIRST thing that blurts out of my mouth (like an idiot) is, "Hey Bruce! I love your voice work as Batman!"

He shakes my hand, and he's got the happiest, warmest look on his face and says, "Thanks man! I really appreciate that."

I say, "Any chance they're going to ask you to come back for another movie?"

Bruce says, "I hope so. If they ask, I'll totally do it in a heartbeat."

I say, "That would be so awesome... You're one of my favorite voice actors for the role by far."

Bruce says, "Well, don't get carried away now. We both know Kevin's the number one pick!"

We both laughed and he shook my hand again, said he had to run and thanked me again for the compliment. Without a doubt, one of the most awesome, random, WTF experiences I've ever had!

So, what to take away from this geeky, lame post: Bruce Greenwood really enjoyed his experience voicing Batman, and would return in a heartbeat if he is asked.

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