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Default Re: Official UFC Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by DoomsdayApex View Post
Bias? How about the replay only showing Jones landing a missed elbow and a jab in the third round? The same round where Alexander lit him up with combinations lol


Like I've been saying for years now. Without his reach, Jones is very mortal in the striking realm against bigger opponents. And fans think he can beat JDS at HW? Lolwut.
Overrated? Ha! C'mon son. So a guy breaks the title defense record that hasn't been sniffed in 5 years, and he's overrated? Even if you bring up Vitor and Chael he still dominated three top fighters and beat a 4th. There's no way that's overrated because only a few MMA fighters have ever been that good.

Plus Rogan acted like everything Gus did was devastating while Jones was just hanging in there. Even when Gus missed because Jones rolled they still acted like they were huge shots.

Gus did a damn fine job, but he still lost. Jones used his reach, but he also mixed it up in addition to that. Your statement about him being nothing without reach is just silly considering I don't see Stefan Struve with the HW title around his waist right now. Where is Corey Hill at? Why did Brock get his ass kicked by Cain when his reach was vastly superior? Jones is great in addition to his reach because he works at everything. It's a great weapon, but he's won fights in so many ways now that people should've gotten past leaning on the reach thing by now.

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