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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 10

Originally Posted by GuestStar2004 View Post
wolverine does everything without even trying =P
iceman and rogue saved the team... thus they became x-men. I think you're reading into things far far far too much.

Rogue and Bobby were the only ones that needed to prove themselves as x-men because of the fact they were still children. The X-men are all adults, and i'm sure they don't want to put kids in harms way if they don't think they can handle themselves.

In X2 Rogue and Bobby proved quite well that they not only could work as part of a team, but also do what's right as well as knowing how to react in intense situations. Not only did they prove they were grown up enough to handle tough situations, but that they were also capable of being X-men.

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