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Default Re: Star Trek Into Darkness - Part 5

Originally Posted by GremlinZilla89 View Post
I never said anything about not getting the new stuff.
And I didn't quote your post or in any way say that I was only talking about your post. I came into a thread where a discussion was being had by several different posters and made a general statement.

Originally Posted by GremlinZilla89 View Post
I'm simply stating many Trekkies are hypocritical and hype up aspects of the show that simply aren't there.
Wasn't me Kemosabe.

Originally Posted by Alex_Spider View Post
I'm surprised no one mentioned anything about the name they chose for the planet of the indigenous tribe in the opening scene of the movie. I mean "Nibiru" is part of a grand mythology and a conspiracy theory that has many followers for many years. Why did they chose such a name?
Hmmmm...why would a science fiction writer put in a science/science fiction reference into a science fiction movie........?

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