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Default Re: Greatest Composer of a Batman Film!?

It's no mystery that the Burton films had both aesthetical and financial impact on the direction of the series.

Seeing the success of "BATMAN" and the anticipation fans had for "Batman Returns," it's obvious that Warners wanted to keep that momentum going on any other project based on the property.

So when the series came around, their influence can be felt with the proceeding examples...specifically the Penguin's animation model (and subsequent use of the Duck-Mobile in the episode "The Mechanic"), the mention of the Joker's alias being Jack Napier in "Dreams in Darkness" and, most obviously, the use of Danny Elfman's theme by Shirley Walker.

But aside from "On Leather Wings," "Nothing to Fear" and "The Last Laugh," I can't recall another TAS episode that used cues from Elfman's theme.

So that's three Season 1 episodes...out of, what, eighty five total FOX episodes?

Burton's depiction was clearly immensely popular with both general audiences and fans, so it's a great visual impression of where the series should go in terms of tone and atmosphere...but TAS quickly became its own entity almost immediately and certainly by the release of "Mask of the Phantasm" the year following its debut on FOX, the show had left Burton's influence behind as best it could (that Penguin model notwithstanding, though they finally were able to do away with that for "The New Batman Adventures" on Kids WB in '97).

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