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Default Re: Greatest Composer of a Batman Film!?

Originally Posted by Happy Jack View Post
Danny Elfman, out of this poll. But I feel that the best Batman composer ever was Shirley Walker.

As far as live action movies tho, Danny Elfman is so far ahead of the others it's unbelievable. It's not just the quality of the music either. He and Burton somehow managed to be so much on the same page that the actual score (not an edited version) coincided with what was on screen. He captures the tragedy and darkness of the Batman world perfectly.

Elliot Goldenthal had the misfortune of being associated with B/R. His score (especially the main theme) is adventurous and fun. Ideal for how Id imagine Denny O'neal's Batman theme would sound.

Zimmer and Howard, on the other hand, absolutely suck, imo. There is absolutely NO sense that they put their all into anything they've contributed so far. Every lick of it is boring, repetitive, and worst of all, simplistic. I'm a musician. And I work my ass off at what I do. I know that I would go the extra limb to at the very least, do some type of chord progression. Every so often I find myself sitting bored at the keyboard and I'll run my hand up and down hitting any random note, and end up playing a part of the BB/TDK score. That's how simple it is. Like the movie's themselves, and their Director, Zimmer and Howard's score is completely overrated.

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