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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Critic Review Thread

I really hate the whole way reviews are written anymore. I feel that the content should really only count for about 25% of the review. Everything else isn't as subjective. Is it well shot, well written, well performed, well directed, well edited, etc... those are yes and no. Whether or not you like Bane less or more than Joker is not that important to me. I want to know if the movie is written well, which I don't really have to worry about in this case. But I just see so many people interjecting their opinion on content far over how well the movie was made and if it is indeed worth the 7 bits to 12 bits you have to throw down for it.

I feel Avengers got higher reviews because expectations were lower therefore easier to surpass and the honeymoon affect hasn't worn off. Yes I love Whedon, Yes I love the cast, but it just is what it is. People liked it more because they expected it to be worse or even flat out fail. Batman's track record has been great, incredible so the expectation is FAR higher. And when people let their personal matters blind them from what is in front of them.. it's easier to be harsh on it. Plus being that guy who rail roads a highly anticipated movie has it's appeal to people.

Once the movie comes out I have a feeling it will level off at about 90% which whatever man. I love movies that are considered Rotten. What I am saying though is the priority and agenda of reviewers seems to be more of an ideological "I can do things better than this filmmaker and here is why I think so...". Now I am not saying DONT inject your personality into review writing.. I am saying don't let it account for more than it should.

By that logic I can say that simply because they didn't use Riddler and introduce Dick Grayson this movie is a failure. Which is absolutely absurd. If I am watching a movie made by anyone other than myself then I am accepting that it is not MY vision... IDK my two cents.

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