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Default Re: Ultimate Spider-Man animated series discussion thread - Part 1

I happen to think everyone is wrong on certain things and statements in this thread. I'm just going to respond to the points I disagree on with each person.

Originally Posted by bigdaddy313 View Post
Dude don't talk
Regardless of whether or not someone here is with your opinion or against it, you have no right to tell other people to not talk (a nice way of saying "get the hell out of here") just because they disagree with you. That is an act of censorship. I'm pretty sure the mods wouldn't approve of it if they saw it.

Originally Posted by darthcoolness3 View Post
4. It's not Spectacular Spider-Man Season 3
5. Spider-Man and the other heroes have deaged and turned into teenagers.
4. I loved TSSM but that is an absolutely biased and unfair opinion. You can't bash on something simply because it isn't something else. You would be no better than the people that bash the Webb's Spider-Man reboot just because it isn't Raimi's Spider-Man 4. You need to critique Ultimate Spider-Man on its own. Saying that it sucks because it isn't TSSM is not valid criticism because you can have a good Spider-Man show that isn't TSSM Season 3.

5. When it comes to Spider-Man alone, this is not a flaw at all. It is actually faithful to the comics in this department. Peter Parker first became Spider-Man in high school in the comics and this show is about a Spider-Man in his early career as well so it makes sense why he is in high school. Spider-Man's high school years are just as important as his college & adult years. This is no "de-aging" or alteration of the character. Spider-Man is at the age he is supposed to be at this time in his career. I can't say the same thing for everyone else though. Luke Cage and the rest shouldn't have been turned into teens.

I also want to point out that TSSM had a high school Spider-Man too yet you never complained about it there and you love the show. That makes you look like a hypocrite.

Originally Posted by tdeverea View Post
1. Drake Bell does well. If the show had a more serious tone, you'd likely not complain.
3. No biggie.
4. Contract with Sony ran out and now Marvel is run by Disney.
6. The storyline is Spider-Man battling familiar foes under altered cicumstances (he's a SHIELD agent, he's on a team, he's got weapons at his disposal sometimes). He's still a geek just quite immature, as he should be written since he's 15 or 16 years old.

7. They made a show with elements for ages 6-40.
1. Drake Bell sounds like a really whiny and annoying version of Spider-Man. He may be the worst or at least one of the worst Spider-Man voice actors I ever heard though this may be due to the script. I'll have to watch Avengers EMH Season 2 and hear what he sounds like there in order to draw a conclusion but based on a clip with Spidey in Season 2 that I saw on YT, it doesn't sound any better. If anything, he may sound slightly worse in that show because you can tell his voice is dubbed over someone else's voice.

2. No offense to you but this is a really stupid statement. Yes, it is a big deal that one of Spidey's greatest and most iconic villains was butchered to the point where this version of him makes Raimi's version of him look like Todd McFarlane's version of him from Amazing Spider-Man #300 in comparison. That says a lot.

4. This is true but I recently gave it a thought and feel it wouldn't have made it a difference anyway because Marvel Animation has openly come out and admitted that they prefer silly unintelligent kids shows with not much of an ongoing story behind them, which is why they cancelled Avengers EMH. TSSM would've probably been cancelled either way and replaced with USM or something similar.

6. He isn't a geek in this show and acts nothing like Spider-Man should have. The immaturity is going too far as well. Even high school Spidey would never act like this. As I said before, he acts the exact opposite way Spider-Man should act. He acts more like Naruto as opposed to Peter Parker/Spider-Man. And for those not familiar with Naruto anime/manga, the Naruto character is literally an annoying immature unlikable irrational moronic retard (no joke lol).

As for him being a SHIELD agent while being on a team and having weapons at his disposal, those are all horribly out of character things for Spider-Man and they don't belong in Spider-Man stories. Including all those things only further prove the writers don't get the character at all which is why they're writing him like Naruto.

7. I disagree. I think they made a show for kids below the age of 6.

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