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Default Re: Ignoring Superman 3 and 4

Originally Posted by Excelsior. View Post
It was a bad idea because Singer therefore muddled the exact sequel his film uses as a springboard for its own narrative purposes. The film suffered from cherry picking elements of Superman 2 and discarding others, leading to a lot of confusion over exactly which film it was a sequel to, Superman or Superman 2. Singer should've ditched his film's connection to Donner wholesale or he should've taken all the films into continuity.
That I understand (he should have been clearer about what elements should and should not be considered, although the best option would have been to consider everything). Still doesn't make the ignoring SIII and SIV a bad idea.

Originally Posted by Dr. Reme Lebeau View Post
Given that the film had a completely new cast it worked for me. I never saw it as a direct sequel to the Donner films, but more of a stand alone film that was essentially rebooting the franchise without a new origin tale.
That was precisely the idea. but when you reboot franchises like Batman, for example, and you tell everyone this is a reboot with no connection with the previous movies whatsoever and people still say "Oh, so it's a prequel," then you have to be extra clear about it.

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