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Default Re: Mask Of The Phantasm Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by GoogleMe94 View Post
not that it was EXACTLY like Returne ending, but it had a VERY similiar vibe to it. the 3 characters, 1 that killed her (or in this case, her father), she wants revenge, batman urges her to stay, she doesnt listen, she takes joker (obviously has her revenge), batman cant find her, and hes alone once again.
Batman the mask of phantasm was inspired from Tim Burtons batman but even at that, it's a separate movie, much like "batman begins", pretty much all the of the movies deal with similar themes, comparisons will be inevitable, it's not batman returns, I don't really understand your obsession with Burton as if if were the definitive batman, because it's not, it's an interpretation from the source material (which all movies have taken liberties in some way or another), which contrary to your signature, is the comics, not Tim Burton.

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