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Originally Posted by scifiwolf View Post
I know full well the trailer is August 7th. My point was it should've been attached to another Marvel movie, even if it is distributed by Fox. At the very least, they could've shown the older one.

There's not a damn thing stupid with that.
just give up. Some people on this site will have an excuse for Marvel every single time. Thor 2 marketing has been horrendous, and when this movie fails at the box office, people will probably make more excuses. No one one outside of the fan base is excited to see Thor 2(people will see it, but it's not a can't wait like hunger games which made me read the books), and Marvel is doing a damn good job, making sure no one cares. This movie NEEDS marketing because if it fails, Phase 2 will be very hard to pull off successfully. But from where I'm standing Marvel seems more concerned with Winter Soldier, and almost seems to be writing this movie off completely.

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