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Default Re: The Wolverine - Bloodier Extended Director's Cut on Bluray?

Originally Posted by danoyse View Post
When VHS was new, we had to wait a year.
I own Spider-Man and X-Men on VHS, they were still releasing both at the start of the century. I still use a VCR in one room. If I can't stay old school who will?

Originally Posted by Double B View Post
I expect James, but not sure about Hugh? Has he done commentary before?

The X films have always disappointed me with the lack of cast commentary but I realise getting so many big stars together for just a two hour session in a booth can be difficult. And rather nothing than the horrific splicing commentary fad.
I love commentary on Marvel films. I actually throw on a lot of Marvel films, put the commentary track on and fall asleep listening to it. Since I know the films, it's perfect to close the eyes and drift off listening to that. Branagh on Thor and Gavin Hood on Origins are the most soothing!

The X films have been a mixed commentary bag. Singer did a great job but the X3 track is like frat-boy night. A lot of giggling and not many insightful comments. It figures with Ratner and Co. There was no track for First Class at least on regular DVD.

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