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Default Re: X-Men at MarvelS: What SOLO movies would Marvel make?

How about they make Uncanny X-Men films first. The problem with Fox after X3 is they focused on Wolverine and prequels focusing on Xavier, Erik and Raven. Never mind that they forgot that this should be more about the X-Men as a group of mutants. And now they are moving on X-Force and New Mutants even before we get to see the likes of Cyclops, Storm, Rogue shine in an ensemble X-Men film.

The X-Men aren't the Avengers, where the big guns spend majority of their time as a solo hero than a member of a superhero team. X-Men is a family, it isn't a superhero organization. So let's not divide the X-Men and have them star in their own solo films yet. How about a trilogy first then maybe after that, they could make them vise versa.

As for solo movies, I don't want them. Maybe a 1 shot film for Storm or Rogue or Psylocke but not a trilogy. Definitely no Wolverine films as we already got that from Fox.

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