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Default Re: X-Men at MarvelS: What SOLO movies would Marvel make?

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
Storm would get introduced again in a Black Panther movie.

They would do an X-Men team movie (based loosely on Uncanny or Astonishing, maybe). The line-up of the first X-Men would likely be ethnically diverse and probably Xavier, Cyclops, Jean or Emma, newly recruited Storm, Beast or Colossus, and Sunfire or Jubilee or Armor. Iceman, Angel, Havok and Polaris would be past members, or newly discovered, or associates of Xavier.

They would do some some sort of movie that reintroduced Wolverine. Like someone else said, a Weapon X film is a possibility. Wolverine might not ever join the X-Men this time.
going by track record if sale happens three trilogys are assured

wolverine-if more avengers films happen after untill 4th film they defently would want wolverine there

x-men-though people should not get attracted to one particular lineup.though there might pull one similar to intial ultimate x-men lineup


any others depend on other plans for greater mcu.

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