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Originally Posted by KneelBeforeZod View Post
He didn't say that either. He said "a year ago, they wouldn't touch any of you." That's it.
Right. Until Batman Begins when they did start daring to touch them. Unless you missed Rachel and Finch going after Falcone and having him indited after Batman gave them all the dirt on him.

It's not hard to put two and two together here.

But, it is clear there's much more than a year between Begins and TDK just from the age of Gordon's son. He goes from 3ish to 7ish between Begins and TDK.
That was a continuity goof. After all it wouldn't take 4 years to rebuild Wayne Manor. It certainly wouldn't take Joker 4 years of being a bank robber before he eventually made his big move.

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