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There is no official timeline. Its all fan fiction. Yours is no more official than mine ... unless your last name is Nolan.

The events of the movies support your timeline ... excepting those details you choose write-off as continuity errors.

Wayne's chronic leg injury that required a cane in TDKR ... lack of cartilage, etc. No way he does that to his knees in a year.

Bane couldn't have been trained before Wayne ... unless he was trained as a pre-teen. Bruce is in his 40s in TDKR ... Bane is barely in his 30s, if that. He even calls Wayne an "old man". Wayne was in his mid-20s during LOS training ... which means Bane would be in his mid-teens around that time. He'd have had to be exiled when he was like 12 for Wayne to come in and train after him. Your timeline makes complete sense.

There had to be a gap between the burning of Ras' house on the mountain and his attack on Gotham, during which he trained and exiled Bane. Bane would've been about 20 at that time. Makes far more sense.


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