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Default Re: Is anyone else not excited about Superman and Batman? I feel nothing but dread.

yeah, we really don't need more threads on this. however, just to speak my mind, all we have is a title for a movie that likely doesn't have a finished script, a quote from DKR that according to Snyder doesn't say anything about the plot, and a very early logo design, and word that snyder and goyer are working on the script (and being this early on, that could change as well). I think it's far too early to be a drama queen and say you feel nothing but dread. It's much more fun to be excited, and since all we really know for certain is that we're getting a MOS sequel that Batman will have an as yet unknown level of involvement in, I see no reason to jump to conclusions, a batman/superman movie has been a long time coming, and since we've seen nil so far, even though I would've preferred another MOS solo film before this, a batman/superman movie is filled to the brim with potential, and I'm gonna choose to be happy at this point, because choosing to get upset when so little is known, is just silly.

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