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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - Part 19

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
Fortunately for my comparison, we're not discussing Clark's point of view

(which would be obviously one dimensional at that point in his young human life).
But not necessarily more or less valid than Jonathan's.

It's the point of view of the Joseph of father of god made flesh, in not so many words. There is a man that might see responsibility over morality. I for one just find that interesting as a thematic point, not that I side with it.
I don't disagree. Like I said, it's a bold direction to take the character in. I just don't find it appropriate. Jonathan forbidding Clark to interfere with human history because of his abilities - and if not that, then simply being of the opinion that Clark has a responsibility not to interfere because of his abilities - makes it sound as if he considers Clark to be a "higher being" first and his son second. It also (IMO) contradicts who the character is at his very core.

Jonathan Kent wouldn't discourage anyone from doing everything in their power to secure the safety of others - even if that person's capabilities far exceeded his own. Naturally, because Clark is his son, there is a desire to protect him and keep his secret safe. But I don't think that desire is so strong that he would have Clark sit back and allow his classmates to die for the sake of not being discovered.

On Smallville(), this is the same Johnathan that was prepared to kill for his kids secret, or rather, normal happy life.
That I admittedly have less of a problem with (because his motivation is to protect his family from someone outside of the family revealing the secret), but that makes me a little uncomfortable as well.

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