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Default Re: A Song of Ice and Fire books

Originally Posted by HydraSupreme View Post
Dune is awesome. I'm more used to the 1984 Dune movie though since I remember going to it at the drive in theater back then. I even got some trading cards free too at the time. Movie Baron was so creepy along with Rabban and Sting being all sexy in his weird sci fi metal bikini.
My only joke about Dune is I think it takes less time to read the book than watch the movie.

Originally Posted by Lord
Since the chapters are done by characters would i loose much if i read the plot of setting at a time? For example, first reading the Daenerys parts, then the ones of the war of five kings and only later the events at the wall?
The characters are Legion and the plot already labyrinthine enough that I certainly couldn't recommend reading stuff out of the order Martin put it in, at least the first time through (obviously in rereads I have seen if the character chapters just flow together without the others in between, with mixed results).

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