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Default Re: Final Judgement: Peyton Reed

Edgar Wright worked with Marvel Studios on "Ant-Man" for 8 long years. Peyton Reed had 9 - 10 weeks. For a film with a $130 million budget and a 5 month shooting schedule, typically a director will need 6 to 7 months of full prep.

Yet "Ant-Man" turned out GREAT! To think that the film we got was prepared by a director who literally had just weeks to work on it before filming began. Seeing how well "Ant-Man" turned out with Reed at the helm, I say that Marvel fans should give the guy a lot credit and praise and Reed should direct another Marvel film with full prep. "Ant-Man" was clearly made by a Marvel fan. Anyone who says Reed just phoned on this film for Marvel Studios has no idea what he or she is talking about.

I think Peyton Reed would be a great pick for "Captain Marvel", if "Ant-Man 2" is a no go. Even if Reed isn't given another feature to direct, then I think Marvel Studios should allow him directing gigs on their various TV series.

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