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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
Difference is that superhuman strenght in stressing moments was the whole theme in TIH77.

I have problems thinking that Superman didn't do everything to save innocent people. He needed a personal problem to put all his effort.

Care about, no. Notice, I think a lot of people noticed.
I completely agree!

Originally Posted by CConn View Post
The fact that Luthor's only accomplices were two idiots who lived with him in the subway kinda illegitimized his supposed intelligence, IMO.

Not to mention, he himself had plenty of campy lines and gags written in. The wig, the ascot, the "what my father always said to me" line...pure camp.
Expect "pure" symbolism is stupid to have in a movie. Because it's always inherently nonsensical. A proper film should have a strong balance between symbolism and sense. STM didn't.
It was way more than 5 lines.

Otis was campy, Luthor was campy, Perry White was campy, Jimmy was campy, Clark was campy, even Luis had gags written in.
I agree. They were the best part of the movie.
What made TIH great was anything but "waiting for the Hulk to show up and run around in slow motion", it was those slow-burn, dramatic stories. They were always very human, very sentimental, and usually had some (halfway logical) symbolism in them as well.

TIH wasn't some smash 'em up action. It was a drama. It was understated. And it was done very well.
Look, I'm really not trying to knock on Chris Reeve. He did a great job. Very ironic, definitely. My comment was that the dialogue, and the tone of STM as a film, limited what he was able to do. You can't exactly be campy AND subtlety dramatic at the same time.

But again, that's not necessarily a bad thing - and it's certainly not Reeve's fault - I just think the role in which Bixby played, gave him a bit more of an opportunity to turn in a more dramatic performance.

It's like comparing Keaton in Mr. Mom to Keaton in Clean and Sober. Same actor so it was the same quality performance, but due to the subject matter he was able to turn in a much different performance in the latter.
That really seems neither here nor there. Personally to me, B89 had tremendously iconic imagery and will always be my preferred superhero movie. But I'm not going to go around spouting that off as actual fact.
I agree with most of this.

Fan of Christopher Nolan's Batman!
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The more you know.
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