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Default Re: Routh may be out as Superman

i copied this from the net- as it explained it better then i could, but i wanted to prove a point that- the actors you want may not touch the role...
And brandon wants the role. Thinking about it maybe he should say no no no. As the geeky fans want him back in the cursed suit!

And maybe thats why singer changed the suit. Personal i have never understood why people kick off about the suit.
Its very anal and geeky. And i say to my self get a life instead of posting pics of detailed boots....

look at everything that has happened since supes returned. lawsuits that have held things up...
hmmm child off superman?...
if i was lois i'd run like hell! Her whole future realinships are based on the fact that an alien pops in every night to see his son. Smashing anything she could have with a human. After seeing the movie i couldn't help but think she has a bigger secret then clark has. But she can't be with superman! Or with an mortal either as her super son could be found out. So she is doomed to be alone. I hated the end scene where supes files away. Its so like the cat that got the cream. Sorry if this the wrong thread.
I just got it like he isn't interested in lois no more but his manhood had been proven. he's not alone- i got that.
But viking did it, every invader did it. Kill the men and have babys with the women...
and then that kind of rubbished the love of lois and clark/superman
i'd feel used in my option.

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