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Default Re: Bought/Thought - 2-13-13

So I ended up getting Secret Avengers #1 for free because my shop screwed up and put it in my box despite me telling them I didn't want it after the renumbering. At first the premise behind the book sounded pretty bad, but after reading it I have to say that I'm slightly intrigued, but still really hated some stuff.

So, Agent Coulson takes control of Hawkeye and Black Widow with some new mind-control nanobots, and makes them agree to go on covert "Blank Slate" missions where they have no knowledge of the mission outside the job itself. The reason why they agree to be mind controlled isn't really clear, I wasn't sure if Coulson just made them, or the scene where he explains why they'd want to was "redacted" as one panel suggests.

Then Hawkeye and Black Widow meet the new Nick Fury. Apparently, Marcus Johnson is taking the name and no real explanation for that is given other than Hawkeye joking that he's like James Bond, taking the same name as the guy before him. Real sneaky there, Marvel.

So they go on mission to Budapest to take down some magic arms dealer who's selling teleportation techniques to Al Qaeda. During the mission new Nick Fury shoots a guy in the head and when Hawkeye complains, Fury tells him they're new bullets that have a built-in healing factor, so the guy's not dead. Kind of a cool idea. Fury then takes off and Hawkeye gets shot in the stomach and wakes up being tortured by the arms dealer. It's revealed at the end that Fury is actually the one who shot Hawkeye, and wiped his mind to test the new mind-wipe software to see how it holds up under interrogation.

While I really don't like the movie integration and the idea of SHIELD using memory wipes to control heroes and maintain deniability for sensitive missions, part of me is curious to see where this goes. What kind of secret missions will they have for Hulk? What' the inevitable fallout for SHIELD going to be controlling people like Black Widow? I don't think I'll continue with the book, but I admit that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

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