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Default Re: Thor TDW D23 Expo review

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Hey guys,

I just watched the Arena event today at D23 and it was very cool that Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hiddleston and Natalie Portman all came out in support of Thor TDW. The footage shown was comic con stuff apparently ending with Loki cutting of Thors hand Jaime Lannister style! Alan Taylor was apparently back stage but did not come out on stage which seemed a bit odd? Hopefully rumors about bad blood on this film over directorial cut are unfounded as the footage shown looked very good and played well in front of the 4000+ hall. The Thor footage showed Jane in Asgard with some energy inside of her defending/ attacking Asgardians trying to scan her as Thor and Odin argue about her being there. Odin references Jane Foster to a goat in this scene which was funny and the sets and acting look fabulous. They also showed the extended sequence with the rock man encounter and the "fight" with Thor.

Of course the crowd went crazy for Tom and Natalie but then Anthony Hopkins came out and got a standing ovation! I wish they had done more Q&A with the cast at this D23 Expo like at comic con but still not a bad day seeing Natalie Portman and Angeline Jolie up close as she was also in attendance for Malificent. I will try to attend the next D23 event as it was less crazed than comic con and I an now really looking forward to Thor 2 in November!
Sounding great. Thanks for sharing this here!

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