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Default Re: Thor TDW D23 Expo review

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
Thanks for the report!

Well, I guess that puts the end to speculation that it was just an illusion, or Tyr's hand was cut off instead of Thor's, etc. Loki is a right bastard so I don't know why anyone would be shocked or try to wish it away.

Could you tell us what you remember about the scenes with Jane? When Thor went to her on Earth, was the energy inside of her manifesting? Other accounts have the London police saying that she was "dangerous" but give no other details.
The police do tell Thor that something along the lines of she's dangerous before saying so am I to them. The energy manifests itself on a table in Asgard as Asgardians medics are trying to help her when Odin comes in to tell Thor she should not be on Asgard. He instructs them to take her back to Midgard and let doctors treat her when the energy is unleashed on the guards. Natalie has markings under her skin and pulsating red light throughout her body but this was an early cut/ effect scene so it could change a little when the film is finished.

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