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Default Re: Team Bats or Team Supes / Team Clark or Team Bruce

It's a close call, since I love both of them, but I have to go with Superman. He was my first superhero, and really, the one who holds a tad more interest for me.

Not because I think his storyline has always been executed the best, but because I love the concept of his character. His endurance, even after all the terrible things he's been through is amazing, and despite the trials he's had to face, he still generally believes the best of people.

Don't get me wrong; Batman is intense and interesting. But a lot of times his stories depress and drag me down. There's a reason why I like it better when he's paired up with Superman, because I think some of that good-natured sunshine is exactly what Bruce needs to keep him balanced and sane.

So final answer, Superman is my favorite, but only by a nose.

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