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Default Re: Team Bats or Team Supes / Team Clark or Team Bruce

The thing is, I think Batman is a technically better character than Superman. I think writing wise, he is a more interesting character to write AND to read about, his exploits are just more juicy. With Clark it's always bad guys causes trouble, Clark takes off glasses, gets into suit, saves the day. Batman has a big cast of characters and there is always something different going on. His stories are more noir and adult than Superman's, obviously.

But I think it's to be noted as you said, Batman was just created to be a different take on Superman besides being the pure good good-evil red and blue type of hero. He was like the night version of Superman.

But my only issue is, while Batman is supposed to be more of a reflection on the flawed state of human being, I still can't relate to him on that level of just being human. I mean never get me wrong, he is most definitely an interesting character but to me that is where I draw the line; he's interesting. He always is. He's glamorous, exciting and really cool to look at. But he isn't likable, he isn't relatable, he isn't ever in situations that the normal folk would find themselves in. He is as rich as Prince William and Prince Harry. He can have anything he wants and while it's awesome he uses that money to become Batman, there is still that jock, i-just-want-to-scare-people, angry guy throwing his weight around aspect to him. Almost all of his villains are some kind of reflection or metaphor of mental illness. The people who we are supposed to hate have mental health issues. The major part about that is it is something we cannot control because mental health problems means we cannot think or process thoughts appropriately. If they were criminal BEFORE they became mentally ill that does make for a good hate-able villain, but many of them do criminal deeds as a result of going insane. And then we're supposed to cheer when they are killed by Batman.

This in some small way is hearkening back to the playground bully. Yes, pick on the weird kid or the shy, troubled kid because they might be a psycho underneath it all. Pick on the eccentric or oddball kid because they aren't rich, flashy or outwardly bold. Because they're more cerebral or heady.

To me this is not a good message to give to young boys and Clark Kent/ Superman in all his incarnations to me has been a positive force for goodness, well-being and acceptance. He truly attempts to see good in others, before seeing the bad. I am not trying to say which character is 'better' or worse than the other. What I am saying, is that Superman is a more likeable, lovable, charming, kind, socially and economically relatable, as well as being a better romantic role model. Of course Batman is probably the more interesting character to read and watch and listen to. But I also don't have a gazillion monies to my name, so the only thing I can truely get from his stories is 'Ooohh, that looks cool.'


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