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Default Re: The Official 'I Still Love Ang Lee's Hulk' Thread - Part 1

Why is there a "page 4" button when there're only 3 pages?

When I first heard about the movie, I was thrilled, really looked forward to it, I love the Hulk and was really excited for the news. Seeing it in theater the first time I hated it, don't remember anything I initially liked about it other than being a Hulk movie. Hearing about a reboot starring Edward Norton was a thrill, when I saw the reboot I was so happy I saw a Hulk movie I loved and had fun watching, TIH still is my favorite Marvel movie

Viewed the Ang Lee movie a few times in this year, and it grew on me, it's one of those movies I came to appreciate more as I grew older, and even more as I delve more into Hulk's comics, Peter David's run in particular. If there is anything I disliked then and still dislike about the movie it is "The Madder Hulk Gets, the Larger He Becomes", not a fan of this size shift

David Banner is a blend of two characters, the father Brian Banner with his "I made you a monster, I have to kill you" motif, then being taking away, and Banner working under Ross for the military before Bruce grows. And then with his beard and the "They take everything from you" motif I find Maestro persona adapted. I like the depth shown in Hulk seeing him after Bruce hulks out his first time, then remembers as David holds his face, that short moment said enough about Hulk in his first time out

When Hulk was in the foam, and Glenn wanted to cut him and take a sample, Hulk anger enlarging him had a focus on his eye, it was designed as a Herb Trimpe drawn panel


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