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Originally Posted by Denish View Post
From what you say,it seems that they have taken 10 pics in a year of shooting..5 for Empire and 5 for EW..They have tons of pics, from every damn angle, it's not that hard to give it to a generic site and make it spread..
You're missing the point. It's all ACCOUNTED FOR months in advance. Every pic the release is counted off and specifically selected. Every image that goes up in high resolution on their press site is scrutinized and touched up to make sure it's what they want to release and doesn't spoil the movie.

Seriously guys, educate yourselves. It's not hard to compare what's happening with MOS with every single big budget superhero movie that has come out already. We go through this every single year. Come May people will be *****ing and moaning about TOO MUCH stuff being released. Christ.

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