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Default Re: How Superman Resolved the Issue of Zod *MEGA SPOILER*

Originally Posted by jimbob View Post
Yeah, obviously we don't like Superman, seeing as we saw MOS at midnight, read the comics, watch the DVD's, and spend hours of our time on a SUPERMAN forum saying how much we love the guy. We're weird that way, I guess.
Then maybe some of you like him, but don't understand him.

This movie is very, very damaging to the Superman character. In Kill Bill 2, we had Tarantino give us a monologue that was so incredibly misguided that anyone with any knowledge of Superman should have known how wrong it was. Instead...the mainstream non-comic reading community actually believed that this was the real Superman. This stupid scene that didn't even happen in a Superman filmed redefined Superman in many people's eyes.

Now we get this movie...where the Kents think that maybe Clark should let people die, and CERTAINLY they believe that Clark should stand there and watch his loved ones needlessly die. This movie is saying that Clark did not receive the needed moral upbringing to become the Man of Tomorrow, and will kill his villains to win.

We are seeing a major, major shift in what Superman is, and those of us who appreciate what he used to stand for do not like it.

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