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Default Re: Which film is better? Thor or Thor: the Dark World?

Originally Posted by MissStreelight View Post
I found both films quite entertaining, but after considering for a bit, I think I kind of prefer the first Thor. I found the storyline to be a bit tighter than in TDW, perhaps because it's simpler. TDW felt just a bit too ambitious - the villain was supposed to possess this all-powerful Aether and the level of danger was supposedly apocalyptic, but it all just felt sort of tame to me.

In Thor, the story seems more driven by emotion and focused on Thor's and Loki's character development. I loved Loki's introduction there, and the movie set the basis for the brothers' troubled relationship quite well. Whereas in TDW, their relationship is more a side development of the story.

Also, I thought Loki's appearance at the end of TDW left a gaping plot hole. I think I read that he really was supposed to die in the original script and his appearance at the end was an afterthought. Well, it does look like an afterthought rather than a well-integrated plot device, especially as no insight is given as to whether Loki did die or how he survived, among other questions. Thor just tied things up so much better.
First off - Welcome!

In reply to your post, I can't imagine it was ever Marvel's plan to kill off their best villain. I don't see any plot hole at all. It was demonstrated numerous times in the film (as well as in previous films) Loki's powers of illusion.

Personally I think the weapon itself and the stab through the heart of Kurse was all an illusion. It was the black hole grenade that killed Kurse.

If Loki didn't play Thor's emotions so well, I think Thor's first instinct would have been "man Loki's messing with me again". But Loki played it masterfully throughout - even selflessly saving Jane - causing Thor to let his guard down and trust him yet again.

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