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Default Re: "The Walking Dead" General Stuff & Thaaaangs Thread - - - Part 12

Simon is just another obnoxious, annoying prick. He can die along with all of the other saviors, including Negan and his jello spine. Every time any of them shows up, it just makes me miss the Governor. David Morrissey was a superior villain to all of these a**holes.

Enid just isn't interesting. I did like her "JSS" episode but since then she really hasn't done much. Maybe she'll improve but right now she just feels superfluous.

And Jadis and her stupid haircut? Good God. The way she talks just makes me want to ram my head into a desk. And WOW BIG SURPRISE, she betrayed Rick. Couldn't have seen that coming a mile away, could we?

They really need to trim some of the fat off this show, not add more of it.

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