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Default Re: "The Walking Dead" General Stuff & Thaaaangs Thread - - - Part 12

Originally Posted by Elevator Man View Post
My brother, who reads TWD comics, told me the Wolves were the show's counterpart to the Scavengers of the comics. They attacked the ASZ and b/c of their attack it caused a zombie herd to invade the community. Similar to how the Wolves did during the beginning of Season 6.

So I think the only thing Jadis' group has in common with the Scavengers from the comics is the name. So basically they're the Scavengers in name only.
Yes, the Wolves shared some similarities with the comic Scavengers, but when I heard the name "Scavengers", I began wondering if the TV show was going to make some connection between the two groups. The comic Scavengers were nomadic before their demise, so I wondered if the show was going to present Jadis' group as a splinter faction that eventually decided that they needed a base of operations.

Regardless of what they're called, I want to see how the group became so weird. I know Jadis' group has been met with a mixed reaction, but I'm guessing there is an interesting back story there if the show decides to give us a flashback.

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