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Default Re: What was your first computer?

Not exactly on topic, but as I created the thread...

Been suffering with various PC problems over the last 9 months or so, which had gradually been getting worse. So as time and money permitted, I renewed/upgraded several components within the case.
New SSD drive with a larger capacity (the old one had well documented problems, unfortunately not when I bought it)
New motherboard that supports i7 CPU, USB3, faster PCI-e bus and 64Gb RAM potential
New i7-3820 CPU (my research indicated I could have an intermittent fault on the MB or CPU so got both at the same time for a "belt and braces" approach)
Had to get a new water cooler as the existing one would not fit an i7 CPU (Grrrrrr!)
Then because of all these changes, I started to get power problems. PC would randomly shut down without warning, as if I had simply pulled out the power lead at the back.
New PSU of higher quality and capacity purchased. Problem vanished.
Things were looking better, although these last three months I have still been getting regular crashes, but many less blue screen ones.
Finally got around to analysing the crashes to see if there was any commonality and my findings were that the only thing that could be making me experience all these different types of crash was faulty RAM. Got some new and faster RAM yesterday. Spent some fun time fitting it(!) and so far not one program crash or blue screen, even when stressing the CPU and GPU out.


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