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Default Re: Star Wars: The RPG ~ Episode VIII OOC Thread

I know the RPG is suspended, but I might as well get my apps up so I'm ready when the time comes.

Star Wars: The RPG Character Application

Screen Name: Carnage27

Character you wish to play: Huc Vondar

Race (such as Human, Wookie, Transdoshan, Hutt, Twi'lek, Rodian, Bothan, droid, Mon Calimari, etc): Human

Faction (does your character belong to a group, such as the New Republic, The Imperial Remnant, the Bounty Hunter's Guild, a specific crime syndicate, etc): New Republic/New Jedi Order

Background (list the history of your character here. Created Characters Must Be Thorough!): Huc Vondar was born and raised in Coronet, the capitol of Corellia. His father is a high-ranking officer in Corellia Security (CorSec), and Huc enrolled in the Academy to follow in his footsteps. There, he showed great skill, some would have even say extraordinary, in all aspects of training. So much so that the Academy leader sent a message to Luke Skywalker after it was released that the Jedi wanted to rebuild the Jedi Order.

Luke brought the boy to his new Jedi Praxeum on Yavin IV, along with a score of other youths to train to become the new guardians of the Universe. There, he struck a close friendship with Joren Kel, as well as taking a liking to the Mandalorian Twi'lek Mission Ven.

Huc took to sword play as a natural, and on a trip to Corellia he constructed a lightsaber using a force gem found in a lake cave near Coronet. But he also has an ego and is often full of himself, which Skywalker has attempted to rid him off.

But he has been instrumental as a protector of the galaxy already. Along with Joren and Mission, he help neutrilize a dark Jedi on Corellia, help defend Corellia from the Empire while flying with Rogue Squadron.

At the close of last season, Huc went with Leia Organa, Han Solo, Mission, Chewbacca, and Lando Calrissian on a mission in order to find the Imperial Moff Zsinj, where they were captured by Imperial forces.

Character Class (choose one): Force Sensitive (Jedi Apprentice)

What Font and Color will you be using for your character's speech: Trebuchet MS Bold

Items (Created Characters Must Be Thorough! What major weapons and the like does your character carry? Such as a lightsaber, a rigged Sabaac deck, a blaster pistol, vibro-knife, wookie crossbow, telescopic lenses, etc): Huc carries the orange bladed lightsaber he created last season, as well as hold out blaster.

Character Personality (Created Characters Must Be Thorough! Give a solid description on how your character acts, their morals, etc): Huc is a fairly cocky and self-sure person, as are most Corellians. He often tries to make light of difficult situations, and is the first to crack a joke in the worst of times.

He is also very protective of those he calls his friends, as well as Corellia, and will do anything to protect them.

He harbors feelings for his fellow Jedi apprentice Mission Ven, which may be reciprocated.

Character Alignment (Choose one): Good

Why have you chosen this character, and what are your plans for them: I want to continue Huc's growth as a Jedi and as a character. I really want to see what comes when he finds out Joren has turned, as well as showing what happens between Huc and Mission.

What can you bring to Star Wars: The RPG: A good character and some good stories.

How often can you post IN A DAY in this RPG: When we start back up, hopefully I'll be able to post once or twice a day, depending on work and game activity.

Sample Post (write a sample post that is at least 4 paragraphs long and containing at least 3 lines of dialogue):

"So how's it going," Mission asks from the cell next to me. Surprisingly, the Empire's base here actually allows us to speak with each other. Either they're incredibly stupid, or we're in more trouble than I think.

"Oh you know, staring at the ceiling, pretending it's the Holonet," I respond glibly. "Same thing I always do."

We've been in the prison for a few days. I don't know if the Moff knows we've been captured or not, but I know we can't wait around here much longer. "You ready?"

"As I'll ever be."

"Let's do this."

And may the Force be with us.

Do you know how to post pictures on the Hype:

I have another idea on who I want to play, and I know I want to bring back Acheron at some point this season, but I'll wait for when the time comes.

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