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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

Originally Posted by theman View Post
well i personally was never nuts about the nolan films to begin with as im sure people here may know. i dont hate them, they are ok, but just ok. i prefer the original anthology (excluding B&R for the most part). i feel these films work better in a surreal comic book setting. the heavy handed realism just didnt cut it for me. interesting idea....but in the long run, aside from a few performances i think they are pretty unmemorable. people still look highly on 1989 Batman and i personally dont think nolans films will hold up well over time. they will probably go the way that the original superman films have gone, they were shot in the same world as the present day but because of that they look extremly dated now. burton was wise in that his films have a kind of 40's noir timeless setting that you cant quite place a time on it, and because of that it has aged better, especially Returns thanks to no Prince music.
So Batman 89s 40's feel is timeless (and 80s Prince)...but ur saying TDK Trilogy will be dated because it was set in our world? I dont buy that at all.

If anything Burtons artificial looking Gotham is dated. And Returns looks like an early 90s Burton movie not even a Batman movie. The 40s hats and coats, "acting" by the cops,etc AND soundtrack that you talk about? That's all pretty dated nowadays. Nolans never went into detail with what year it was, they just showed Iceland (as a fill-in for China), India and various American cities. These cities have looked this way for a while and will continue to look like this for decades. It's not like the architecture will change drastically or the mountains and desert will leave or suddenly flying cars will enter these cities. Not in my lifetime.

We also didn't hear any music from the "bands of the era". Like Burton, Shumacher, Marc Webb liked to use. Their films will never be as timeless for that very reason.

I like some fantasy and comic book elements in Batman. A gothic Gotham here....a Mr. Freeze there....but i think Batman BELONGS in a more real world. He doesn't have superpowers, his greatest psychological villains are barely far-fetched. It wasn't til the 50s where we really started seeing fantastical elements being used in a big way. And for the next 20 years it wasn't even used well. Here we are 75 years into it and i still dont feel we have classic comics with these fantastical characters. The ODD Mr. Freeze or Clayface depiction and it's usually in other forms of animation. It's very rare, and i dont personally believe that it represents Batman to the fullest.

The level of acting, filmmaking, the exclusive soundtrack , how it was more relatable for human beings than any of the other past Batman movies. All of this will make the trilogy more timeless. For all the liberties Nolan took with changing the characters, they still reference more individual comic stories than anything thus far.

(PS: NO im not saying future movies can't do it better than Nolan. It probably will happen. At least in terms of accuracy to the source material. Im just comparing it to the past)

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