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Originally Posted by the last son View Post
There was nothing average about GL. Even if it went straight to sci-fi(like it should have) I would have thought it was terrible. The only reason I think it's not getting a lot of hate is because of Ryan Reynolds fans. At least some bad movies are comical at how bad they are this movie is just hard to watch for more than a minute. I mean watching a 1 minute clip on youtube is even hard to do.
Nah. I think you just have an odd way of seeing things. It's a rushed Hollywood production, with most things being around averege. If you think Mark Strong is "terrible" in it, or the End Fight with Parallax looks like something on the SyFy channel, and is "painful to watch", then I guess your cable provider offers a different SyFy channel than what I have watched.

Regarding Reynolds. Never really followed him or his career, thought he was ok. Nothing fantastic there (that type of production) but he did ok with what he had.

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