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Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
Besides that, the video also seems to hint that Iron Man is not just the founder of the Avengers BUT the LEADER as well.

This is very interesting. I know fans are used to Cap being Avengers leader. And Cap is on this team. But when you look at Wolverine and The X-men, I don't think this is a coincidence. Iron Man is now one of Marvel's top franchise characters with the live action movies. So why not make him Avengers leader. Of course that was a promo vid and things could change vastly in a couple years, so we shall see.
maybe, but wolverine and the x-men proves imo that when the dynamics are changed due to the popularity of certain characters the results are sub-par at best. not to get on a soap box, but... the company wide "boy scout-ification" and propagandizing of wolverine over the last decade has stripped the character of any edge or interest he may have once held. personally i blame the x-men movie and more specifically hugh jackman for this. i understand that a tamer character is easier to market to children, but marvel already had/has a plethora of characters suited to that purpose in place.

ok, back to the avengers, i don't really have a problem with ironman being the "leader" of the avengers here; it's cannon, it fits his character, and it makes sence that he'd want an oversight position since he's bank rolling the whole thing. however i hope they don't go overboard with it, i'd like to see a similar leadership dynamic between cap and ironman as between batman and superman in jl where the latter is the "leader" but the former holds a similar level of respect and actual feild leadership status

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