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Originally Posted by Dread View Post
Admittedly off topic, but as JLU is an example that this show will have to match and surpass, what were your problems with that show as a whole? I don't mean that question as a snark, I'm curious.
-Pointless romances to nowhereville! No resolution to the Shayera/Vixen/John triangle. It went nowhere. Lame. Wonder Woman/Batman. Green Arrow/Black Canary. The only relationships that got the most closure were freaking Huntress and Question and . . . BRANIAC 5 and Kara. Are you kidding me? Kara decides to be with a guy she met five hours earlier? WTF?!

-Make up your damn minds about Hawkman.

-Terry McGinnis is Bruce Wayne's son! Through a series of coincidental coincidences, Terry McGinnis the genetic son of Bruce Wayne actually became Batman simply due to a series of coincidental coincidences! Complaints from years earlier of this new Batman being Bruce Wayne's son are finally realized. After 52 episodes of trying to convince us we should like Terry for being Terry . . . oh he's Bruce's son.

-Hawk and Dove episode. Thank you liberal anti-war writers. Yes, the best way for the Justice League to win is through NON-VIOLENCE! Oh wait . . .

-Braniac being behind Cadmus. Most of the Cadmus stuff I found very annoying and politically apparent for the most part.

-Super-intelligent talking Doomsday.

-I didn't like the UNLIMITED cast. I love Booster Gold but we only got one actual Booster Gold episode. I hated this. I want a core cast with some recurring or one-off guest stars. I don't like how you can just throw all these characters in there and have them do nothing even though they are all officially on the team.

-Time travel season finale with Kronos - freaking awful, especially with the way they just killed Terry.

I do count those shows, I just don't count them to excuse absences or missed opportunities. "No, there's no reason to have Scarlet Witch on the Avengers; she was JUST on their cartoon a mere 10 years ago!" My reply would be like, "yeah, but I'd like to seem them do it, and it, y'know, it NOT SUCKING" and you fail to realize that. No idea done before is worth doing again, even if it is to do it RIGHT, I guess; I respectfully disagree.
I don't see anyone making these excuses. You are making things up. I've only said before that there is a precedent for Wanda/Scarlett Witch being a hero in animation before in the Avengers cartoon in Iron Man in the 90's, and in the X-men 90's series in her appearance she wasn't exactly a Brotherhood member or out and out villain.

In Wolverine and the X-men, she's a member of Magneto's Brotherhood and clearly Magneto's daughter. She believes in Genosha and mutants having a utopia. But she eventually does the right thing and trusts the man she loves and casts out her own father because he went too far. Ultimately in the series Wanda makes the "morally" right choices mainly due to the influence Nightcrawler had on her.

Major difference; Peter Parker's story began in the 60's with him in high school. You could argue SS-M returned him to his roots there on TV.
Considering Peter was still in high school when that show was made. Yeah returning to an idea set up OVER FORTY YEARS EARLIER! Its still something different than what the other shows were doing before which was a fully adult or young adult Peter.

Iron Man didn't. And it is a shame that Kid's WB's "teenagers starring in every show we have by royal decree" motto has been so easily forgotten, but making Iron Man a teenager is about as stock a network demand there is, besides talking animals. Granted, I haven't watched the show, and the premire scored better ratings than even WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN, so whatever they're doing was successful.
There's a precedent for a teenage Iron Man in the comics. I'm not a huge fan of the stories but they are there. The way I see it, in Avengers we are getting a fully adult, non-teenaged Tony Stark Iron Man as the founder of the Avengers so I don't see much good in complaining about Iron Man adventures right now.

Also, just remember that Iron Man was all Marvel, NickToons didn't come into the equation until last year.

Now I've watched the new show and while I don't really like it a lot, I see a lot of upsides and benefits the show can have in building an audience and its own storyline to get more young people into Marvel characters. That's a noble and positive goal for such a series. I think the superhero squad series will be much the same way.

AVENGERS: EMH, though, requires having that energy in every episode. Can Yost and company rise to that challenge? That's the million dollar question. It's possible. Yost knows history and if he has a good board artist can pace a fight. I think he CAN pull it off. The question is, will he?
Umm where does it say that Yost is the ONLY staff writer and is going to be carrying the entire workload all by himself? You single Yost out but I doubt he is the only driving creative source of the series.

And yes he will. I feel this show will find a good middle ground without having to go as far as Ultimate Avengers. Next Avengers was a pretty perfect classic interpretation of Ultron. That's the Ultron I hope we see in the new Avengers show. Ruthless, cold, and relentless.

He seems more experienced with the X-Men, though. Thor was nothing but a punching bag with an electric shooting hammer in HULK VS. THOR and hopefully his power level would be more akin to a Superman of the Avengers here; he, Hulk, and Iron Man would be the real "heavy hitters".
Thor was facing an off the rails and magically empowered Hulk. And his personality was pretty classically Thor rather than the mishmash that was in Ultimate Avengers.

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