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Originally Posted by Dread View Post
Alright, for an attempt to breathe some life into this topic beyond me and TheVileOne debating, how about this:

HULK: I think Fred Tatasciore is a lock for this. The only Hulk animated appearance within the last five years that he didn't voice was the guest shot in FANTASTIC FOUR: WORLD'S GREATEST HEROES and that was because that was dubbed by Ocean Group, a Canadian troupe. He's played Hulk in the Lion's Gate DVD's (at least four by this count, soon to be five) as well as in WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN. He's great in the role and Yost likely has experience with him. I would be very shocked to not see him get tapped to play the Hulk here.
I'd say Fred Tatasciore is a good bet since he's been playing Hulk in everything so far. He even did Hulk in that CG animated promotional short.

I suppose this also means a casting suggestion for Bruce Banner. There is a part of me who thinks it might be fun to allow Fred to voice Banner, too. Let him play both angles of the character, especially since he can do other voices other than Hulk's; he plays Beast in W&TXM, after all. But if Nieli wants to cast another actor to play Banner, my pick would be Bryce Johnson, who played Banner in HULK VS. (as well as a convincing Dr. Strange in, um, DOCTOR STRANGE, and even Aquaman in the video game JUSTICE LEAGUE HEROES). I liked his Banner more than Michael Massee's from the ULTIMATE AVENGERS films. Sounded more sympathetic.
Its interesting that Fred Tatasciore has always played Hulk but NEVER played Banner. Even though Tatasciore definitely has the range to play Banner.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Arguably one of the hardest roles of the team to cast, least in my opinion. Every time Cap comes up in a cartoon, everyone uses that quote from that Frank Miller DAREDEVIL issue, "a voice that could command a god, and does". While I respected Justin Gross' good performance as Captain America in ULTIMATE AVENGERS 1 & 2, I thought his voice for Cap didn't quite have that quality. One pick that I don't mind is a pick from the past; David Hayter, who played Captain America for his guest-appearances in X-MEN and SPIDER-MAN in 1996-1997. Video game fans of course would know him best as the voice of Solid Snake in the METAL GEAR SOLID games (or at least the games since the PS1). He's written for the X-MEN films and was pitching for a BLACK WIDOW movie, and for all we know, she could show up on this cartoon at some point (perhaps as the partner of Hawkeye, keeping with the comic origins for both?). Hayter did some dubs for MANGA VIDEO in the late 90's into 2000 or so, and has decent range (playing Lupin the Third in their dub of CASTLE OF COGLIOSTRO, which Manga just re-released about a year or two back). There is a part of me, though, that would love to hear Kirk Thorton audition for the part. Kirk's one of the most prolific male anime voice dubbers, landing more parts than even Steven J. Blum has. I'd love to hear his stab on Cap.
This can't be the Ultimate Avengers Cap so they can't do the same thing. I say totally start fresh and get a totally new Cap same with Hulk vs. getting a new Thor in Matt Wolfe who did the best ever rendition of the character thus far in animation.

Hayter won't be doing it. Hayter's been vocal that he really only came back to do Snake because it was more as a favor to the fans. He's too busy now with his new production company and writing and potential directing jobs he has on the horizon. Hayter's proud of his voicework, but would only do something if there was something ultra-cool in mind they could work out or that's the impression he gave at his AX appearances last year.

IRON MAN: The fanboy in me would love to hear Robert Hays reprise the role from the 90's series; he was always my favorite Iron Man/Tony Stark voice actor. Still, I could imagine them asking Marc Worden to reprise his role from the Ultimate Avengers DTV's as well as from the Invincible Iron Man DTV. He was perfectly fine in the role. John Cygan was alright in the role for MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE, but I'd prefer the other two.
My personal favorite will always be Hays, but I think for consistency's sake they should stick with Worden. Worden does a good job of the character that's at least faithful to the 616 Tony. Tom Kane did a good older Tony. But this will be important because this will be a more leadership oriented Tony. In the Ultimate Avengers, Tony had this very light almost devil may care type of personality that I think was hiding a deeper inadequacy in teaming with Cap.

HANK PYM/ANT-MAN/GIANT-MAN: Ah, everyone's confidence challenged uber genius. While he may be a bit busy playing Cyclops in WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN, if Nolan North was capable via time and whatnot, I'd be thrilled to have him reprise the role from the Ultimate Avengers films. Jerry Houser voiced him fine in MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE as an alternative.
I think Nolan North is the best choice based on his heavy work on recent Marvel Animation. However, I think for this Hank we need to see more BRILLIANT SCIENTIST and sometimes flawed Hank instead of nervous breakdown angry scientist Hank. Hank should be guilty and regretful of his mistakes rather than the "I'm angry because my wife doesn't think I'm as great as a hero as Cap!! Grr!" I'm not saying it was a bad interpretation for Hank in Ultimate Avengers 2, but it just felt a little one note.

THOR: I heard that David Boat from the ULTIMATE AVENGERS films was cast as Thor in MARVEL SUPERHERO ADVENTURES, the kiddle show on CN. I enjoyed his Thor although I wouldn't have minded seeing him get more serious, meatier material in the role than he's gotten. Matthew Wolf landed the role in HULK VS. and he did a solid job, I thought, and he would seem to be the odds on favorite to land the gig here. My "dark horse" candidate would be Michael Adamthwaite, who played Thor in NEXT AVENGERS (as well as Namor in FANTASTIC FOUR: WGH's that Yost was heavily involved in, and of course Colossus from X-MEN EVOLUTION).
Wolfe would be my first choice. I was never that fond of Boat's Thor in Ultimate Avengers. Adamthwaite is a good performer, but I think Wolfe has done the best Thor ever, and he's already playing Thor again in Tales of Asgard.

Keep in mind, the Thor in Next Avengers was an older, wearier, King of Asgard Thor. This will not be the same Thor so it should be closer to his Hulk VS. rendition.

OTHERS: Loki would seem to be inevitable for a show like this, and Graham McTavish owned that role in HULK VS. THOR. Ultron is another sure bet and Tom Kane was excellent as the robot menace in NEXT AVENGERS (and brings that pedigree from having been in Marvel's newer projects like WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN as well as in the 90's IRON MAN series). Since he played the DC version for years, if Taskmaster showed up, I'd love if Ron Perlman were tapped for the part. Since some of Hulk's enemies will likely be showing up, I nominate Mark Acheson (Sabretooth from HULK VS. WOLVERINE) for a turn as Abomination. Mark Hamill would make a fun Leader, and probably could do a good "goon" voice for Absorbing Man (a la' his Solomon Grundy from JUSTICE LEAGUE). Besides, any animated project is classier with Mark Hamill in it.[/QUOTE]

Hamill as Leader? You do realize that Hammill played Leader's stooge, Gargoyle in the Hulk series right? I'd actually look at Hammill for Taskmaster even if he's available.

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