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Default Re: Hugh Jackman IS The Wolverine Thread

Originally Posted by Melapi View Post
I read somewhere he did a deal with his wife to never be apart for more than 3 weeks. I think it's very cute
Actually, it's two weeks.....

My secret to a happy marriage in Hollywood, by adoring husband of 16 years Hugh Jackman
By Daily Mail Reporter
PUBLISHED: 12:15 EST, 23 November 2012

Hugh Jackman has revealed his secret to a happy marriage in Hollywood.

The 44-year-old actor, who married actress-and-director Deborra-Lee Furness, 56, in 1996, never spends more than two weeks apart from his wife.

The Les Miserables star was told by his spouse before they wed that it was important they saw one another regularly, so they wouldn't drift apart and live separate existences.

He explained: 'Well Deb, when I met her had done 20 movies. She said, "Hugh, we're never going to be away from each other for more than two weeks". I said, "Great, why?" She said, "I've just been on too many movies, and I see people drift apart."

'People think you're going to fall in love with your leading lady and have an affair, it's not always that.

'It's just you get used to living apart and you get used to living a life on your own ... then when you hit a rocky patch you're not together, you're already living your own life, you're on location, an all of a sudden that person over there looks fantastic.'

Hugh - who has children Oscar, 12, and Ava, seven, with Deborra - moved back to his native Sydney six months ago to work on The Wolverine and he is having a really 'happy time' being among friends and family back in Australia.

In an interview with The Grill Team on Australian radio station Triple M 104.9FM, he said: 'We've got the kids settled into school here which is tough, somehow we came back and settled straight in, the movie was ready to go, it's been the best movie experience so somehow that takes the pressure off.

'I spent a lot of time with my dad who is not well, when you're with one of your parents who you know is not going to get better you make the most of every moment.

'So having that, and the kids settled and Deb was really happy to be here, she always loves it here ... I'm never happier than when I'm here, I swim in the ocean every morning, and my best friends are here, and even though I have a blessed life and a lucky life I come back here and I love it.'

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