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Default Re: After MOS, I hope they go with Dark Knight Falls

Originally Posted by Superfreak View Post
SatEL man, sometimes you just gotta chill, and deal with the crap that you've got. Such is life. Sooner or later, there will be yet another superman franchise, with a reboot. It will just not be this time around. I'm assuming we're all under 30 here... so we've got atleast 2 reboots left in our lifetime. So just go with the flow for now. And really, I don't think any superman fan likes the idea of Jason. But it is still a mystery as to how this annoyance will be dealt with. Being negative all the time must take it's toll.

anyhow... like I said, a little tweaking to fit the existing live action universes. Robin doesn't even exist in this world yet... so no need to worry 'bout that. And as Superman only really figures in the story as a pawn of the government... there really isn't any need to see Superman's homelife... he is after all, the dimwitted villain of the story(which you should actually like SatEL).
Heh. What about the over 30 crowd?

As for a reboot, i'm not going to rule out anything at this point.
That said, I do think we'll be hearing some news on other DC properties, and soon.

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