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Default Re: After MOS, I hope they go with Dark Knight Falls

Originally Posted by Reebee52 View Post
Yeah... I respect the guy for saving Batman, and making comics serious again,
Batman comics were serious before Frank Miller came on board for the Dark Knight Returns. You can thank Denny O'Neil for that. Frank Miller is soooo overrated.

but God the guy s**ts all over Superman. I love both characters, and think it's disgusting how he treats him. As someone else said, "complete disrespect." He should in no way be involved.
Ummm...that someone else was me

And when it comes to the two fighting, Batman would certainly not always win. It all depends on how much Kryptonite he has, or what sort of ironman-esque type suit he's built, but I would think Superman would pretty much kill him with his spit (he did this to Luthor in a dream once... Just spit right through his power suit, right through his forehead. It was epic).

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