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Default Re: After MOS, I hope they go with Dark Knight Falls

Originally Posted by hippie_hunter View Post
Frank Miller treats Superman like garbage. He has absolutely no knowledge about Superman's character at all. He's not an idiot like he portrays him in All-Star Batman and Robin. He would never be a stooge of the government no matter the circumstance like in the Dark Knight Returns. He would never be a puppet of Lex Luthor like in the Dark Knight Strikes Again. And he would never be Wonder Woman's lover.

He also has no concept on how to use Superman's powers.

Let's compare:

Ordinary human vs. an ordinary Kryptonian. Logic clearly dictates that the man has absolutely no chance against the alien who can move at superspeed, shoot beams of heat out of his eyes, freeze and blow things away with his breath, fly, and can withstand a nuclear explosion. Even when he gets hit with a nuclear weapon and the ordinary man posesses a piece of kryptonite.

Well in that case my mistake in misunderstanding you.

you really shouldn't be reading that all star stuff... it was going to be terrible as soon as the announced the title

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